Adoption Procedure

Dr.T.I Radhakrishnan

Who all can adopt?

Any person regardless of marital status, married couples with/without children can be adopt children.

How to adopt?

• Indian residents, who are ready to adopt can register application for adoption through online in the website: .
• Applicant should keep the application acknowledgement slip.
• Within 30days of registration the following proofs should be uploded to the website.
1.Pan Card
2.Income Certificate
3.Marriage Certificate
4.Birth Certificate
5.Address Proof
6.Medical Certificate
7.Family Photo
• After that the applicant should contact directly to an authorised adoption center with the aknowledgement slip.
• Preparation of the ‘Home study Report’ about the Applicants will be done by a social worker from the adoption center or from district child care unit and the report will be uploaded to the website.

Refferal Matching

•  On the basis of seniority, the prospective adoptive parents shall be referred online profile of three children which will include the photographs, Child Study Report and Medical Examination Report.
•  After viewing the profile of the child or children, the prospective adoptive parents may reserve one child within a period of forty-eight hours for possible adoption and the rest of the children would be released by Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System for other prospective adoptive parents in the waiting list.
•  The Specialised Adoption Agency shall get the details of the prospective adoptive parents through the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System for fixing an appointment with the prospective adoptive parents for matching, to assess the suitability of the prospective adoptive parents by an Adoption Committee and the Adoption Committee shall prepare the minutes of the meeting.
•  While accepting the child, the prospective adoptive parents shall sign the Child Study Report and Medical Examination Report.

Pre Adoption Foster Care

• The child shall be taken in pre-adoption foster care by the prospective adoptive parents within ten days from the date of matching, after signing the pre-adoption foster care undertaking.

Legal Procedures

•  If the applicant is satisfied with the child they should file a case in court within 7 days from that day.Every legal procedures should be completed within 2 months.

Post Adoption Follow up

•  The Specialised Adoption Agency which has prepared the Home Study Report, shall prepare the post-adoption follow-up report on six monthly basis for two years from the date of pre-adoption foster placement with the prospective adoptive parents.